No heat in the cold for one Mid-Southerner

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - There are people all over the Mid-South who will be struggling to stay warm as the temperature drops.

Monday, Memphian Patsy Shipp said she has to decide every month between paying her MLGW bill and paying her rent.

Shipp said she needs to come up with $1,200 to get her electricity turned back on. She is trying everything to stay warm, with cool daytime temperatures and nights at or near freezing.

Shipp lost her left leg and right foot from hereditary diabetes. Because of her disability, she cannot get a job.

"If I could, I wouldn't be in this shape," she said.

Shipp said her disability check is not enough to pay her utility bill.

"I get $657 a month income and I have to pay rent, which is $600 dollars. That does not leave me nothing but $57 to pay utilities," Shipp said.

Her bill is overdue by $1,300.

Shipp said MIFA gave her $100, but it was not enough to get her utilities back on.

She also tried contacting other organizations.

"I called different organizations and churches and things and they said they could get back, they had a recording on, and they never did call back," Shipp said.
MLGW says Shipp's situation is an extremely special case.  The utility says it is working to direct Shipp to work with a combination of agencies to help her get her utilities back on.

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