Record number of voters set to take part in election

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The Shelby County Election Commission is registering a record number of voters. This month alone, they have processed tens of thousands of new forms.

Registering voters is a two-step process. They scan everyone in and then enter the date into the system. That step is complete. Some voters are waiting to find out if they're processed before they head to the polls. Now, election officials said do not wait.

"Everybody has been scanned into the system, so it is easy to find somebody if they aren't already processed," Myra Stiles of the Shelby County Election Commission said.

Stiles originally asked voters who registered this month to hold off a few days because they had so many forms to process.

"In the month of October, we will have processed 63,000 forms," Stiles said.

But now everyone is scanned and in the system, even if they have not received their voter card in the mail.

"You don't need a voter registration card to vote.  All you need is any ID with your signature on it," Shelby County Election Commissioner Rich Holden said.

"If a person goes into an early voting site and they're not on the books, the officer or the computer operator can call our help center and they can find them quickly just by name and process them quickly on the spot," Stiles said.

You also have the option to fill out a provisional ballot where you vote by hand instead of the computer and get a voter verification letter in the mail.

Commissioners said they have never processed so many voters in one election.

"At the rate we're going when we get everything processed, we will have about 72% of the population of Shelby County will be registered to vote. That's amazing," Stiles said.

Commissioners said they have had no problems, except for the long wait.

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