MLGW gives tips for avoiding cutoffs

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The number of people behind on their MLGW payments is up 160 percent this year compared with last year at this time.

"One thing that's very important is for our customers is call us. Let us know, we're going to work out what we can for you," MLGW spokesperson Chris Stanley said Monday.

Stanley said some cases are extremely special, and the utility works to direct those to help.  But by MLGW policy, customers are responsible to pay off their balance before their electricity is turned back on.

"We don't want to cut people off. We want your power running, but we also have to do what's best for all our customers.  Even if that means cut power to people who can't pay.  We don't want to, but we have to sometimes," Stanley said.

If you are struggling to pay your bill, you can call MLGW to work out a payment plan. If you are seriously past due, you need to go to one of MLGW's community centers.

Seniors and the disabled can get protection from a cut-off during the winter months. Your bill must be paid in full, however, to qualify.

To apply for either program, call MLGW at 901-544-MLGW.

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