Two DeSoto polling locations picked for honor

DESOTO COUNTY, MS (WMC-TV) - A Gallup opinion poll shows Barack Obama leading John McCain by as much as 10 percent. That is whom voters said they plan to vote for. But an exit poll asks whom the voter actually voted for.

Two exit poll locations are here in the Mid-South.

DeSoto County is the fastest growing county in the state of Mississippi. And on November 4th, the eyes of the world will be focused on voters and their picks on election day. With just eight days and counting until the presidential election, officials in DeSoto County are working hard to be prepared for one of the biggest elections in history.

"We feel everything's gonna go pretty smooth. We've been talking about this election for the past year, we've actually been working on it for about 6 months," election commissioner Tina Hill said.

DeSoto County will have two precincts designated as national exit polling locations representing the state. They are DeSoto Central High and Southaven Intermediate School.

County organizers said it is quite and honor.

But what does it mean and how does it work?

They ask the voter's permission to ask them questions. A lot of times they have a survey sheet that the voters can fill out or its simply question and answer that the surveyor fills out.
What they want to know is who the voter voted for. It is how national networks and the candidates' campaigns are able to predict which candidate won each state.

The information gathered at the two DeSoto County locations will be used by the national media and both the Obama and McCain campaigns.

Hill says the excitement level is very high.

"It's just an unprecedented election and we are just very, very excited about it," Hill said.

Hill said that all voting machines are being checked and she is confident that despite a large turnout, things will go smoothly.

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