Sclesselman family surprised by arrest

WEST HELENA, AR (WMC-TV) - The arrest of 20 year old Daniel Cowart and 18 year old Paul Schlesselman came as a surprise to the Schlesselman family.

"Oh my guts have been in a knot for a long a time now," Paul's father Mike Schlesselman said.

Paul's sister Kayla could not believe Paul would plot to kill Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

"I didn't have any idea he was doing this until a secret service man told me about it," Kayla Schlesselman said.   
"We were all in shock and didn't really understand anything they said. I was crying. I was in my room bawling. They had to tell me,"  Kayla Schlesselman said.

Paul's family said what is even more disturbing is Paul's ties to a white supremacy group. They do not want to believe it's true.

"Paul would never do anything like this. He's actually a really nice person. He's helped me through a lot. One of the best brothers a person can ask for," Kayla Schlesselman said.

While the family said they know about Paul's Internet friend Daniel, they never suspected the two would be up to anything.

"He wasn't that bad until he met up with that guy Daniel and he told us he was going to Texas to hang out with him and that kinda caught me by surprise. Because his friend Daniel is from Tennessee," Kayla Schlesselman said.

However Mike did speak with Paul after his arrest. He said his son is apologetic.

"He was very sorry did all this. He said, 'Man I was stupid. Never gonna do anything like that again," Mike Schlesselman said.

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