Brownsville residents speak out about pair's violent behavior

BROWNSVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - The front door was shattered at Beech Grove Church of Christ near Brownsville. Much like the spirits of church members and those who live nearby.

A .22 caliber bullet ripped through the glass door late one night last week. An investigator's note is still clearly visible.

The final criminal act of a pair of neo-nazis now charged with plotting to kill Barack Obama and dozens of African Americans.

"They need to be thrown in the river. That's all I got to say about them. Jail's too good for 'em," neighbor Edward Watkins said.

According to federal agents, Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman began that night intent on robbing a house.

They chickened out, despite being armed.

A little later, they drove to a Brownsville Wal-Mart. The feds say the pair was preparing for another home invasion or the robbery of a gun shop. Buying rope and two ski-masks.

Early the next morning, they spotted the church while discussing their plans for a "killing spree."

Putting the front door in their sights, and shooting.

"Why don't they go out and look for a job or do something productive," Watkins said. "You know, if they got something against somebody -- maybe they should go to counseling or something."

Their short-lived crime spree leaving the community with nothing but contempt for the two self-proclaimed skin-heads.

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