Church goes on with worship after shooting

BROWNSVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - Harry Currie has been a member of Beech Grove Church of Christ 72 years. He said it is hard to grasp why Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman singled out his church with a single bullet last Wednesday morning.

"It's a serious situation. It is," Currie said.

Court records show the self-proclaimed skin heads confessed that Cowart aimed his .22 at the church and shot a bullet through the front door hours before bible study began.

"I just wonder how anybody could do a thing like that," Currie said.

He said church members noticed the window was shattered at the front entrance.  But when they looked closer, they saw the bullet hole. He said they went on with the service anyway.

"We looked at it and talked about it a little bit and then we went on and had service," Currie said.

Currie said he still feels a little uncomfortable.

"It's just something that we should get away from. You know, in these years," Currie said.

He has one prayer.

"It would be for the good of all our people that live.  Everybody.  I have a good feeling about human beings.  It doesn't matter about color," Currie said.

With that prayer, Currie hopes the congregation can move beyond the act of violence and find harmony in the community.

Despite the news of the assassination plot, the Beech Grove church members plan to hold their regular bible study as planned Wednesday night.

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