Luxury Leases - Thursday at 10pm!

Economic times are tough, but not everyone is cutting back, and they're spending your money...thousands of dollars a month. We'll show you how your tax-money is being spent on OTHER PEOPLE'S luxury leases – Thursday at 10pm!

Swapping Car Leases Could Save You Big

Are you paying big bucks each month for a car or truck you use to be able to afford?  Or are you looking for a new ride but don't have the money for a down-payment?

Maybe a lease-swap is right for you. Websites like and allow people who want out of their car lease to transfer it to someone looking to get into one.  Often, you can avoid costly penalties associated with breaking a lease and easily get into one without coughing up a down payment.

How does it work?  Should I consider it?  Check out these sites for more info:

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