Residents speak out against hate group gathering at local hotel

OLIVE BRANCH, MS (WMC-TV) - Action News 5 has learned where in the Mid-South a White Supremacist convention will be held.

KKK leader David Duke tried to keep it a secret. Now, the secret is out and the DeSoto County hotel hosting Duke's convention refuses to cancel it.

The candidacy of Barack Obama has brought out the worst in a lot people, according to Robert Bunch of DeSoto County.

But even he was a little surprised when he learned where Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and his followers are expected to gather in early November.

The Whispering Woods Hotel and Convention Center in Olive Branch confirms that the so-called European-American Unity and Rights Conference will go on as planned.

The hotel issued a statement to Action News Five which reads, in part, quote "We were not initially informed that the ultimate user of the facility would be Euro Group and when the contract was signed we were not informed of the nature of the business of Euro Group."

Nevertheless, the hotel claims it is contractually bound to provide the facilities.

Bunch and others don't buy it.

"My opinion is, you can if you so desire. There's a way out of everything," Bunch said.

Donna Burkhead agrees.

"If they told them they were a different group, then there's a way they can get out of that. They pretty much didn't tell the truth," Burkhead said.

They wish Whispering Woods would take a stand against a group rooted in hate.

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