Voters gather to pray for upcoming election

COVINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - With problems at the polls and all the controversy surrounding Decision 2008 one group decided to get together and pray for the election.

The purpose of Thursday's prayer vigil was not to pray that a specific candidate would win the election.

Instead, participants prayed for undecided voters and every candidate on the ballot.

As long lines of early voters waited to cast their ballot, another group of voters gathered around Covington's court square to pray for the upcoming election.

"We're not here to sway a vote...we're here to just pray for our country," organizer Brenda Wrather said.

Wrather says its crucial that every voter cast a ballot for the election.

"That's one of the things I'm praying for today is that God will move all Americans to get out and exercise that right to vote and pray before they vote," Wrather said.

"We are seeking guidance and direction as we step into those ballot boxes and cast our vote," attendee John Locke said.

Locke said both parties will have to work together to accomplish what needs to be done, no matter who wins the election.

"We need to have a Congress that works together that can put aside partisanship that goes on everyday," Locke said.

"A leader that could draw us together as a country for the country's be the beacon of light we used to be - no matter who," Nancy Shockley said.

Shockley also believes in a spirit of unity.

She hopes her prayers will be echoed by many going to cast their ballot.

Many in the group also plan to fast this Sunday in preparation for Tuesday election.

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