Voters flock to polls on final day of early voting

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - An exciting but yet busy day as last minute voters flocked to area polls to cast their vote early.  That meant long lines and record voter turnout.

Voters who sat in line for more than an hour at the Shelby County Election Commission Office said the wait was well worth it.

"I felt like if I waited until Tuesday, I was going to have to wait much longer.  It's important to me.  It's an important race," voter Bambi Garner said.

According to election officials, Shelby County has seen the highest turnout in the state with early voting.

"We've just been setting records almost everyday.  Right now we're at approximately 235 to 240 thousand people having voted early, which is an amazing number," Myra Stiles of the Shelby County Election Commission said.

Stiles said even though they have added two extra voting machines and two workers at each polling place there were still long lines.

"Things have gone very smoothly so far.  People in line are just wonderful, they don't complain, they just wait their turn and people at early voting sites have been working really hard," Stiles said.

And voters did not seem to mind.  They said they would not miss an opportunity to be a part of such a historic election.

"I think people believe the election makes a difference this time, especially with the presidential race and I think they want to be part of that.  They want to feel like they have a chance to influence  what's going on in the country," voter Chris Peck said.

While early voting in Tennessee is over. In Arkansas, early voting continues through Monday.

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