MY TURN: Power for the people

WMC-TV V.P. & General Manager Lee Meredith
WMC-TV V.P. & General Manager Lee Meredith

A little cold snap this week had the effect of introducing us to Memphian Patsy Shipp. Shipp is disabled and living on a limited income. Like thousands of other Mid-South residents, Shipp is also living without power. Her MLGW service was cut off because she owed the utility $1,200 in order to get her power restored.

That's a tall order for Shipp since she says her total monthly income is less than $700. Almost 70,000 households have had their power cut off in the MLGW service area just since the beginning of this year. That's an increase of almost 40% over last year.

The people at MLGW say that if you're having trouble paying your bill, you should contact them as soon as possible.

If you would like to help people get their power restored, you can donate to MLGW's Plus 1 Program.

Leave it to me to bring up an old, sore subject, but the amount of money MLGW approved for Joseph Lee's legal bills would be enough to restore power for Patsy Shipp and 400 other families who are struggling right now.

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