Fullilove arraigned on latest charges

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis City Council member Janis Fullilove appeared in court Friday for the first time after turning herself into authorities Thursday on charges related to her drivers license.

Earlier this week, the Tennessee Highway Patrol filed charges of offense for a person to issue, sell or cause to be sold a driver license and possessing a duplicate driver license not authorized by this chapter against Fullilove.  The charges are class A misdemeanors.

Officers went to Fullilove's home Thursday morning to arrest her, but she was not there.  After she was contacted by her husband, Fullilove surrendered to authorities late Thursday afternoon.  She was released on bail several hours later.

"I'm in treatment right now and accepting responsibility and I certainly want to apologize to all of my constituency," Fullilove said. "Ask them for their prayers to forgive me for these very unfortunate circumstances."

Fullilove said she sought treatment after her most recent DUI arrest in Tunica County two weeks ago.  When asked how rehab is going, Fullilove would only say "wonderful."

She is schedule to appear in court again in December.

Friday afternoon Fullilove wrote this email asking the city council to support a censure against her.  She has no plans to resign her position but is apologizing to her council colleagues and her constituents.

"As an elected body, we have the shared responsibility of doing what's best for all of the citizens of Memphis and not to be diverted from those responsibilities because of irresponsible behavior of the part of one member," council member Myron Lowery said. "We've wasted too much time dealing with the personal affairs of a council member when we should be about focusing on the city's business. Councilmember Fullilove understands that."

A city council censure is a symbolic way for the council to say they are displeased with Fullilove's actions.  But it would not threaten her seat on the council or keep her from participating in any council matter.

Fullilove was recently fired from her teaching job at a Mississippi college. For now, her seat on the city council is secure.

Councilman Lowery said the censure will come up for a vote at their next council meeting next week.

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