Cordova principal accused of assault

CORDOVA, TN (WMC-TV) - Cordova High principal Tony Frigo is in trouble with the law after the former band director and now principal is accused of saying unspeakable things to a Germantown mom.

It's the big game at Cordova High and Halloween... the talk is about the school's principal Tony Frigo.

Frigo is accused of making an indecent proposal to the mother of a prospective student then assaulting her.

According to the complaint, the woman wanted to talk with Frigo about her son's transfer to Cordova high. He said they could talk at a Germantown restaurant. The woman claimed Frigo told her his wife was out of town and he kept insisting he would like to, "blank her brains out."

The woman then said she became uncomfortable and left the restaurant.

She said Frigo tried to get into her car and then said "why don't you let you take you to my house and blank you." Then the woman said Frigo kissed her cheek and brushed his hand along her hip.

"The whole school knows about it now. We ask the teachers. They were like, yeah it happened. They didn't want to talk about it though," student Kayla Gray said.

"I think its just a bunch of garbage. You know, Mr. Frigo is a nice man. He got a wife and everything. I think he cool, he ain't no bad man,"student Kendria Woods said.

Tony Frigo was released without bond.

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