Dead and duplicate voters on county rolls

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC-TV) - With the polls set to open across Shelby County, a man who helped expose the dead voter scandal in 2005 is saying the opportunity for voter fraud is still alive and well.
The race was on Sunday night at the Shelby County Election Commission headquarters to get every voting machine ready for Tuesday, but John Harvey says he's concerned about what the five-member election commission isn't doing.

"No one's watching what's going on with the database."
Harvey began studing voter data when his friend, Terry Roland, ran against Ophelia Ford for state senate in 2005.

During that election, Memphis poll workers used the identities of dead voters to cast ballots in the tight race.
Harvey says his data shows there are still dead people on the county voter rolls, some with birthdates dating back to the early 1800's.
"My push is to disenfranchise one group of people - the dead people."

But he's also after another group: people who've cast two ballots. Harvey says he has found 1,000 people with duplicate voter records.
"The election commission says they're monitoring that. Well, I've got examples of several people who appear to have voted twice."

It's a felony to use the identity of a dead person or try to vote twice.
Shelby County Election Commission Chairperson Myra Stiles says the commission purges people who match a state list of deaths, as well as voters who haven't voted in eight years.
"We are very, very careful not to purge someone by mistake. To us, that's more important than if someone sits on our rolls for a while."
Stiles says she'd like to have a look at Harvey's research. "I'd like to see the list so we could do something about it if we need to."

Harvey says he has hounded officials for years to get them to purge dead voters, but says nothing has been done to correct the situation.

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