Job-Hunting Tricks Of The Trade


Source:  Nella Barkley, President, Crystal-Barkley Corporation career-coaching firm,, Courtesy Bottom Line Personal magazine

Money's tight.  To make it worse, you lost your job.

Here are a few methods career-coach Nella Barkley recommends to get back into the workforce.

* NETWORK WITH AN IDEA, NOT FOR A JOB.  Come up with a compelling idea you can sell to prospective employers, an idea that sets you apart from every other "Joe-Blow" chasing a job.

* SHOP SECTORS THAT ARE STILL HIRING. Sure, you've never worked in the health care industry. But it's hiring. Market your skills to where the jobs are.

* TARGET SPECIFIC JOBS. If you say you'll take any job, you look desperate. Be specific.  That way, you look driven, and your contacts can point you in the right direction.

* CONSIDER MOVING TO AREAS OF LOW UNEMPLOYMENT.  Common sense says it's easier to get a job where there ARE jobs.  The U.S. Department of Labor's web site updates regional unemployment rates every month:

* VOLUNTEER YOUR WAY INTO THE COMPANY.  While out of work, donate your time to a non-profit.  That way, you can show 'em what you got:  your work ethic, your out-of-the-box ideas, etc.  Remember, non-profits typically have high-profile executives on their board.  There's your network of hiring companies!