Officials insist they are ready for Election Day

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Officials at the Shelby County Election Commission said they are as ready as they will ever be for Election Day. They have been working tirelessly into the Midnight hours to make Tuesday as seamless as possible.

But, they said, they will need your help.

"We'll have one machine for every 140 voters, which is a really, really low ratio," Shelby County Election Commission Chair Myra Stiles said.

Election staff is setting up the call center, election officers are picking up voting materials, and poll workers are taking last-minute classes on the new Electronic Poll book, a Shelby County first. Each precinct will get two.
"In the past what has occurred is the official at the site would have to phone us.  What we're trying to do is put the information in their hands so that they can more quickly provide the service to you," Shelby County Election Commissioner Rich Holden said.
In the final hours,  the Commission added a fifth location for election officers to turn in results and 80 more election machines.

"So we're hopeful we won't have long lines on Election Day like we did in early voting," Stiles said.

While election staffers are doing everything they can to keep the voting process fast and fair, they are asking you to study the charter amendments on the ballot because they said that slowed down early voting.

"People in the county only have two to look at and people in the city have those two, plus eight city charter amendments," Stiles said.

The polls are open from 7am to 7pm. Remember, if you get in line before the polls close, you cannot be turned away from voting.

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