Mississippi governor tells voters to expect lines

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - If you live in Southaven or anywhere in Mississippi, the governor is warning about long lines at the polls. He is asking voters to vote mid-morning or mid-afternoon if they can.

The state has never had more registered voters and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said his state is prepared for a record turnout at the polls. But he said that voters should prepare, too.

"People just need to go to the polling place in good humor, knowing they're going to have to wait. They may have to wait a pretty good while," Barbour said.

Patience and a sense of humor might get you through a long wait. But neither will solve a major problem throughout Mississippi.
More than 20 Mississippi counties have more registered voters than adults over the age of eighteen. This year alone, 190,000 new voters registered.

State law does not require proof of identification at the polls. While that won't change before election day 2008, Barbour says credibility need to be restored in Mississippi.

"That's why for years many of us have clamored for a voter ID law. Now we've had an additional 190,000 people register to vote this year on top of all those that were already there that fourth of the counties. So it does give reason for concern...that some of these people who registered this year are not eligible to vote," Barbour said.

Barbour blames politics for the voting issues in Mississippi. He said the state senate passed a voter ID law for the past five years, but it has not even made it into the state house.

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