“Mid South Votes” coverage on the web Tuesday night

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - With the election just hours away, Channel 5 is gearing up to bring the Mid-South excellent coverage both on television and online.

There is a special section on the website that is different from anything Action News 5 has done before.

All people have to do is log onto wmctv.com beginning at 6:30 Tuesday night. There, they will be able to find election results from the Presidential election as well as from local elections all over the Mid-South.

Even though the Presidential election is top of mind for most voters, there are also smaller races Mid-Southerners are concerned about.

In addition to voting for President, places like Munford will also elect a mayor.

"In just about any area of community life, you can see improvement, from our intersections to our ballparks to our public safety to a growing business community," said incumbent mayor Dwayne Cole.

"I'd like to see a steady growth. I'd like to see industrial and commercial growth...commercial development," said mayoral candidate Mike Durham.

On wmctv.com, you can find results from across the Mid-South.

When the election results page loads, you will see returns on the upper left-hand side of the screen.  Those returns will update automatically every three minutes.

To the right of the returns, you will see a video player. That is where you can watch the election night webcast with Joe Birch, Donna Davis, and our panel of experts.

Below that is the Interactive Chat Box. It is a place for you to ask our panel questions you have during our election coverage.  There will also be up to the minute news updates in that box.

There are also dozens of links to live video and election coverage from news outlets around the nation.

All of this can be found by simply clicking the election results link on the wmctv.com homepage.

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