Memphis police prepared to work long election night

MEMPHIS,TN (WMC-TV) - From problems at the polls to election night parties that may get problematic. Memphis Police and others are prepared to work a long night Tuesday night.

Police are comparing this election night to an average New Year's Eve saying things could get crazy. And they are not the only ones preparing for potential problems.

You can tell by where she's shopping for T-shirts and a yard sign. for whom Joyce Carter is voting.

"Win or lose, we still made history," Carter said.

But no matter who wins or loses Tuesday night, Carter said local supporters could get out of hand.

"All things happen in Memphis...anything goes," Carter said.

Memphis Police are preparing to keep things under control by putting 100 additional officers on patrol. Keeping an eye on voting sites and anywhere else large crowds are gathered.

"But I'm hoping they're out there and we're going to do what we're supposed to do," Carter said.

While Memphis Police patrol the streets, others will be on call as well. Listening for potential problems at the polls.

On the federal level, the U.S. Attorney's Office appointed a "district election officer" who will be, "overseeing the District's handling of complaints of election fraud and voting rights abuses."

The Shelby County D.A. already has a Voter Trust Task Force in place.

"We're on call to the election commission to handle any problems that might come up," Shelby County District Attorney Bill Gibbons said.

Valerie Johnson is with the Bar Association's Election Protection Coalition. She will be addressing issues Tuesday from a command post and in the field.

Adding another layer of protection on what Joyce Carter believes will be the biggest night of the year.

The Voter Trust Task Force has already cleared up two complaints.

The Election Protection Coalition is prepared to answer any of your concerns tomorrow.

For help ,you can call 1-866-OUR VOTE.