Hunters caught by private eye during Cheating Season

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Its a rite of Fall. Hunters heading to the woods to spend time in deer camps and duck blinds. Male bonding at its best. But according to a Mid-South private eye, a portion of those hunters never make it.

Instead, they are heading out to cheat on their wives.

"They say they're going huntin' and they're not. They go to the beach. They go to the hotel.  The go to Gatlinburg...with the girlfriend," private investigator Marti Miller said.

Hunters be warned. It is also hunting season for Mid-South private eye Marti Miller. She gets calls from suspecting wives.

She said those suspicious wives are right on about 80 percent of the time.

Marti Miller said business is booming.  She has already been hired this fall by several housewives,  suspicious that the game their husbands are hunting are not deer or ducks.

"I had one subject...the only time he cheated was during hunting season," Miller said.

Miller said one guy in DeSoto County last month sent his wife and kids to her mother's because he said he was going dove hunting.

Instead he never left home. He went to a party and chatted with other women under the watchful eye of Miller's video camera.

According to Miller, he then did a little hunting at this Memphis strip club. She caught his pickup truck in the parking lot.

And later, he was videotaped by Miller with another woman. Miller said it was his girlfriend, getting out of the passenger side of his car.

Don't take Miller's word for it. Hunters had their own stories.

"He had coon dogs and he'd go coon huntin' but he wouldn't go coon hunting and before he'd go home he would lay down in a mud hole, kick around and make it look like he'd been coon hunting," one hunter said.

Al Jones manages a hunting club in Hardeman County. He said he has heard the stories as well.

Jones solution?  He takes his wife hunting with him.

And while that may defeat the purpose of why some guys like to get away, when you head out to your hunting camp this Fall. Just remember one thing. You the hunter, might become the hunted.

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