Most Mid-South voters have no problems

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Most voters waited to vote but had no problem voting. There were some reports of machines not working, but they were quickly fixed. The real problems most voters faced fell into three categories.

The first problem is people going to wrong precincts. Tuesday, you could only vote at your assigned precinct.

Secondly, people who claim their employers are not allowing them enough time to vote. Tennessee law allows three hours to vote.

And lastly, voters faced split precincts where both Memphis City and Shelby County residents cast their ballots. Election workers mistakenly programmed some cards for the wrong ballot.

"What you do is just look at the ballot.  If you didn't get the right one, when they programmed your card, then just raise your hand, get the election official to cancel that out and program a new card for you.  It's really pretty simple," Rich Holden of the Shelby County Election Commission said.

If you did vote on the wrong ballot, your vote for president will still be accurately recorded but you will not get a second chance to vote on city or congressional candidates.

The polls in Tennessee are open until seven.