After the Orange Mound Fire - Tonight at 10pm

For the first time, hear a first-hand account of what happened inside an Orange Mound home earlier this year when flames erupted and killed 7 members of one family.

17-year-old Darius Poole and 11-year-old D'Andre Poole survived the fire that killed their mother, siblings, and cousins.

"I see flames and stuff coming from the lower part under the stairs," Darius Poole said in an exclusive interview.  "Couldn't get out that way. So I closed the door and tried the other door. There was so much smoke I couldn't see down there. So I had to get out the window."

Tonight on Action News 5, see a heartbreaking story of survival, and the heroes that emerged from the flames.

AFTER THE ORANGE MOUND FIRE - Tonight on Action News 5 at 10pm.