Driver and 4 students hospitalized after school bus overturns

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis City Schools bus overturned early Wednesday morning near the intersection of Dunn Avenue and Patterson.

Memphis City Schools spokeswoman Staci Franklin said the bus was headed to Sherwood Middle School on when it collided with another vehicle around 7:30 a.m.

"I was praying when I walked up on the scene," witness Shawnda Burton said.

Constance Burchett had just passed the intersection when the school bus turned over.

"We just ran to the bus, just running to see who we can pull out. What can we do, grab paper towels. Do something," Burchett said.

The paper towels were Burchett's attempt to try to stop the bleeding. The driver and four students were on board were all hurt.

"They was frightened. They was shaking. They was scared," Burchett said.

A black sedan and the yellow school bus collided. As the sedan skidded away, the bus flipped.

Police want to know why.

"The Memphis Police Department traffic investigation unit will be in charge of investigating this accident to determine what really happened," Major Wayne Burchett of the Memphis Police Department said.

At the hospital, all five people aboard the bus were expected to be okay, including Granberry's son.

Investigators did not immediately say who was at fault for the wreck. Witnesses said a stop sign at the intersection that was flattened in a separate wreck earlier this week could be to blame.

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