Gee-Whiz Ways To Insulate Your Home

Temperatures drop. Utility bills rise.

You can caulk your windows, get a grip on that thermostat, but Action News 5 has a few things we know you never thought of to save some cash on your energy costs, thanks to Bottom Line Personal magazine and Gordon V.R. Holness, president-elect of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.,

INSULATION PAINT.  Yes, you can buy paint that actually helps insulate your walls. It's expensive ($30 gallon or more), but Holness says it can reduce your heat loss by 30 percent.

* SPRAY-IN FOAM. This is cheap, about $6 a can at home improvement stores. Spray it in cracks around your attic, garage and crawl spaces.

* FIBERGLASS ROOFS. They're more than double the cost of a traditional roof, but they can have a life of 50 years compared to a standard roof's 20-years.

* DUCT JOINTS.  Seal exposed duct work in the attic by painting a mastic duct sealant on the duct's seams and joints.  The sealant will run you about $20.