Voters young and old unite behind Obama

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Many of the nation's youngest and oldest voters turned out in mass Tuesday to elect Barack Obama president. From college campuses to senior citizens centers, there appears to be a new kind of unity when it comes to politics.

At the Lewis Senior Citizens Center, seniors sounded off about the first black man to be elected president.

"It was a good feeling, yeah. Barack Obama, he's a smart man," senior citizen Ardro Wright said.

Even those who did not vote for Obama said it was time for the country to unite behind its new president.
"I didn't vote for him. I voted for McCain, but of course now that he's elected of course I support him," senior citizen Warlene Smith said.

And across town at the University of Memphis, students were talking about the youth vote and the tactics the school's student Democrats used to capture it.
"You know all that. All on the internet promoting it, writing you messages, emailing you, just urging people to go out and vote," student Robert Dozier said.

Voters both young and old said Obama's win is just the beginning of a new wave of change when it comes to politics.

Many seniors citizens said Obama's first priority should be health care.

But a lot of the younger voters said they feel Obama's first priority should be creating jobs and the economy.

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