Some suggest Ford, Jr. should be in Obama's cabinet

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Barack Obama made a stop at the Holiday Inn at the University of Memphis in 2006. He was there stumping for a friend of his, Harold Ford, Junior.

Now, President elect Barack Obama will be very busy preparing for his inauguration and the presidency.

Among the many jobs that lie ahead are choosing a cabinet. One name floating around on many internet sites is the Mid-South's very own Harold Ford, Junior.

Suggestions like transportation secretary to comments that he should be in Obama's administration.

You'll remember the former congressman ran for the United States Senate in 2006 with help from Obama.

"Wherever we go we are spreading the word about this young man who is going to turn it around in Washington, just like he has been doing in Tennessee. I guarantee you that the next Senator from Tennessee is going to be a young man named Harold Ford, Jr.," Obama said.

That prediction from the then senator from Illinois did not come true. Ford lost the senate race to Bob Corker.

But Ford, now a political analyst for NBC, has not lost his apparent admiration for Barack Obama.

He appeared on the Today show singing the praises of Obama saying his election to the presidency is life changing for some people.

"Probably no bigger for this generation. No American child, no kid anywhere in the world will ever again believe that in America you can achieve anything or be anything," Ford said.

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