Brothers re-united following accident

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Eight days ago, Eric Graber was hit by an SUV while standing outside a Mid-South corner store. The driver left the scene. Now, with Graber still in intensive care, he is getting help from a brother he has not seen in decades.

Greg Graber and his older brother chose different paths and lost touch.

"He got involved in drugs and alcohol and got into some trouble," he said.

Greg thought his homeless brother was dead until last week when Eric was standing outside a corner store in Memphis, and an SUV plowed into him.

The owner of the SUV told police he had been carjacked, but later admitted he had made up the story.

"We have arrested the individual for false reporting the carjacking," Major Joe Scott of the Memphis Police Department said.

Greg wants to know if the man who was arrested was also the driver that almost killed his brother.

"If it was a person in the suburbs. A person in Collierville or East Memphis, I feel like there would be someone behind bars. But you know the homeless have no voice," he said.

Social activist Novella Smith Arnold has offered to help.

"This is a homeless. This is God's special person.  We want to know what happened," Arnold said.

Police investigators say they need more information from witnesses who may have been at the scene. Meanwhile Greg Graber continues to visit his long lost brother who is on life support at the Med.

"I told him I loved him. I was his brother Greg and he started crying and I started crying and he blinked. He raised his hand up to shake my hand and hold his hand," Graber said.

Graber said the reunion was a wake up call to help not only his injured brother but homeless people everywhere.

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