Mid-South church creates controversy with sign

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - Several outraged people in Southaven, Mississippi said one church has gone too far.

Gracewood Baptist Church in Southaven is a traditional Southern Baptist Church. And on the sign out front, the subject for the upcoming week's sermon is "Exiles in an Obama Nation."

"We're not racist at all and again we're going to pray for him. He's our president. But we don't agree with our platform," pastor Dr. Barry Baker said.

Baker said the church does not like Obama's stand on homosexuality and abortion and that is what he will talk about on Sunday.

Church member Elizabeth Farist said she thinks she knows what the pastor means..

"Probably what the Bible says on how our country may evolve. What does the Bible say about that. Tribulations possible maybe the end of the world is about about to come," Farist said.

Whatever the sermon, the sign is catching  attention. One woman took a picture of it and drove off.

A few church members took pictures of the sign and said they do not like the sign because it is sends the wrong message. They didn't want to talk on camera because they are church members. One of them was a deacon. But they said they plan to talk with the pastor about removing it.

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