Church fights against unsightly trailer park

MUNFORD, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid South church is ready for a fight. They said they cannot keep a minister all because the area around their church is a mess.

Members of Antioch Baptist had to put a fence up to hide what is on the other side.

"I can see the home behind me is unsightly, but I guarantee it will be cleaned up in the next day or so," property owner David Boswell said.

Boswell is having to defend himself after accusations that his trailer park is an eyesore.

"Not breaking any laws. Not trying to hide anything," Boswell said.

Antioch Baptist Church members would not go on camera but are upset because they have to drive through the mess to get to church.
During a recent Munford commission meeting, members said they were unable to retain the services of a minister in their community because of unrestrained dogs, several mobile homes not in compliance with existing ordinances, and a polluting sledge pond that make the parsonage unfit for occupancy.
"I can understand their concern, certainly," Munford mayor Dwayne Cole said.
Munford mayor Dwayne Cole said Boswell is complying with the city's requests to clean up the property.

Boswell said he is trying to find out exactly what church members want him to do.

"I tried to talk to them last night about what they wanted and got no answer from them," Boswell said.
And Boswell promises that once he gets those answers, he will do everything he can to try and solve his unsightly problem.

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