Inspirational movie premieres at COGIC convocation

An inspirational new movie closed this year's COGIC convocation in Memphis.
"Not Easily Broken" is the film adaptation of a book by Dallas-based preacher Rev. T.D. Jakes. 
Jakes was also the keynote speaker for COGIC worship services Sunday night at the FedEx Forum.

Hundreds of COGIC members lined up for a chance to see a special screening of the new major motion picture.

"It's about Dave and Clarice - a couple going through the life struggles of being married and work, and all the different factors that play into trying to bring two lives together," said Sarah Henson, Jakes' daughter.

Henson is handling marketing for "Not Easily Broken."

"It's an inspirational film. It's entertaining. It's not just laugh, you walk away feeling hopeful that you, too, cannot be easily broken."

The movie stars actor Morris Chestnut, who also worked as a producer on the film, and actress Taraji Henson of "Hustle and Flow" fame.

"Not Easily Broken" is the first of what Jakes hopes will be a series of compelling films that tell stories without profanity or violence.

"They have to use their faith they have to let go of certain pieces of themselves  in order to make their life as one," said Henson. "And so we hope to use film and music as means to reach out to others and help them through their lives."

Memphis is one of 25 cities where the film is being screened prior to its January theater release.

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