RAW VIDEO: Big cat sighting in West Tennessee?

A Mid-South man says he has proof big cats are on the prowl in West Tennessee.

A few months ago we reported on cougar sightings in the area. Now, you be the judge of exclusive video captured by a man in Brighton, Tennessee.

James Yancey says he was about 100 yards away when he shot video of a black cat - not a cougar - in his yard.

Yancey says the cat was about four feet long, something that is hard to judge in the video.

You can see at one point the cat as it moves across the yard, and you can see its long curved tail.  In some of the video the cat looks like just a normal house cat.

Action News Five is in the process of sharing this video with Dr. James Huggins of Union University, who has established a website where you can report big cat sightings in West Tennessee.  Click here to visit the website.

Do you think the cat in the video is a "big cat" or an ordinary house cat?  Leave your comments in the space below.