Women claim credit card numbers stolen at local restaurant

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis woman says her debit card number was stolen when she paid for her meal at El Porton.

Monday, Kristen Posey said she never thought a girl's night out at an El Porton Restaurant in Memphis would turn into a theft investigation...
"It's just one of those panic things," she said. "Who did this, and where did it happen?"

Posey and three of her friends visited the restaurant on November 3rd.

"All of us paid," she said. "Three of us used our credit cards and one of us used cash.  The three that used credit cards - all of our numbers were swiped."

Posey said $1,200 disappeared from her bank account.  Someone used her information to make purchases at several businesses in the Miami, Florida area.

Stacey LaRusso said an extra $60 was charged to her Discover account.

"Money is tight.  It's almost Christmas time," LaRusso said. "My son's birthday is coming up, the economy is bad.  For someone to seal your money that you or your husband worked hard for, that's a big deal."

Mary Alexander Dawson with El Porton says she doesn't believe the restaurant is to blame, but she is checking with the company that processes the restaurant's credit cards to try to find some answers.

"I need to know exactly who was the server," she said. "I need to know the credit card number, so I need to go over my paperwork and check everything for that day."

The secret service and Memphis Police are investigating.  So far, there's no word exactly how the numbers were stolen.

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