WWII vets reflect on what Veteran's Day means to them

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Here in the Mid-South, several World War II veterans used Tuesday to reflect on what Veteran's Day means to them.

For Eddie Evans, Veteran's Day brings back memories of his time serving as a bomber pilot during World War II.

"I think back several years ago to some of the adventures and experiences I had during the war," Evans said.

Evans and four of his friends from First United Methodist Church in Ripley were all war pilots. Tuesday, they reflected on their service to this country.

"We were all taken away from home at a time when we were young and we had experiences we never expected to have," Harold Kingery said.

Kingery flew B-17's in Italy during the war, and said he would not trade his experiences for anything.

"I'm blessed. Blessed as much as you could be," he said.

When Joe Moss got his flying orders, he was shocked.

"Little did I know we were going all the way around the world. It said to Cun Ming, China," Moss said.

None of the veterans consider themselves heroes. 
"I really didn't make a whole lot of contribution to the war effort. I was just there and available," veteran Jim Fitzhugh said.

The veterans now range in age from 85 to 91. They all joined the Air Force between 1941 and 1943, and all said they do not regret a moment of their service.

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