Teacher worried about safety following attack

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Shelby County School teacher who says she was attacked in her classroom by a student is fighting to keep that student out of her class.

"What I saw - my instincts as a teacher - as an adult I shouldn't ignore," Houston High School teacher Kinta Noble said.

Noble says after teaching for nearly 3 decades, her instincts tell her the student who attacked her could strike again. She believes he should serve out his original suspension at an alternative school for the entire school year.

"I've taught for 28 years, and I've never seen this look in a child," she said.

Noble said the attack happened at an after school detention center in September. She asked the student to throw away his coke but he refused. Later, she said, he threw the coke can with soda in it at her.

A Shelby County Sheriff's Department incident report documents her story.

According to Noble, after the report was taken, she discovered her hand was injured in the process of dodging the soda can.

Now, Noble says she is concerned about the safety of herself and the rest of her students when the offending student returns.

Shelby County Schools spokesman Mike Tebbe issued a statement that said, "The initial 180 day suspension issued by the school for assault was reduced by the Discipline Hearing Authority official from Central Office when there was no evidence of a physical assault on the teacher."

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