Disabled Mid-South woman gets new home

You may remember the emotional story of Patsy Shipp. The Memphis woman lost her left leg and her right foot from hereditary diabetes. Shipp's $650 disability assistance is her only income and for a time she was unable to pay her utility bill.

Thanks to the generosity of an Action News 5 viewer, Shipp had her power turned back on. And now, she has a new home.

Area churches, volunteers, and other caring people in the community heard Patsy Shipp's struggle and knew they had to chip in to help.
Tuesday there was an emotional farewell, as Patsy Shipp waved goodbye to her friends. She boarded a MATA bus Tuesday afternoon, ready for a new beginning.

As the sun set on one chapter in her life, Patsy can now focus on a new life in a newly renovated apartment.

"I'm just looking over all my blessings the Lord has for me. It is nice and warm and dry and ain't seen one roach yet. Thank God for that," Shipp said.

The handicapped accessible apartment is owned by the Shelby County Housing Authority.

"This complex is for elderly people who are on a fixed income like Ms. Shipp.  Her rent is based on her income.  With Ms. Shipp only having an income of $657 dollars, rent here will be about $120 dollars," Edward Pearlman of the Shelby County Housing Authority said.

Shipp said being without power and not being able to pay her bills was a bit of a struggle.

"When you find a loop around your neck, I kept praying for God to loose it.  I've been abused but I never let go of God.  My most important thing was to keep on holding on," Shipp said.

And now Shipp knows there's hope for a brighter future.

"At night I would raise up and I'd be praying in my sleep for me and my family to survive and thank God he answered my prayer," Shipp said.

Shipp said she is looking forward to settling into her new home. She cannot wait to welcome her family and friends.

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