Information about WMC-TV 5's digital television (DTV) signal

At WMC-TV 5, we currently broadcast our DTV signal on Channel 5, from a transmitter located just off Covington Pike in the heart of Shelby County.

We have been granted a license to broadcast at 34.5KW Digital power.

Many people have been used to receiving WMC using just a set top antenna or set of "rabbit ears."  However, a large number of factors will decide how strong your signal strength is.

Here are some resources to aid you with antennas and antenna placement:

We have posted additional information about how to hook up a converter box and how to get the coupons to purchase the boxes at a $40 discount here.


  • Click here for detailed post-transition coverage maps.
  • Click here to view WMC-TV 5's transition gain/loss map.