Tipton County Schools celebrate state report card results

TIPTON COUNTY, TN (WMC-TV) - From above average ACT scores to a number one ranking in math, Tipton County students and teachers are really making the grade.

ACT scores are now higher at Munford High school.

"Instead of knowing all the information and panicking because I don't know what to use on the test, it lets me know this is what your going to need to focus on," said junior Taylor Smith.

Smith said Munford's ACT prep course is helping her get a higher score.  The course helps highlight test requirements in reading, math, English and science.

"We keep track of the data so that we know what they're missing, where they're falling short, and what we can do to get them up to speed," said prep instructor Helen Rasmussen.

Rasmussen said students' main fear is that they will not do well on the ACT.  But by taking practice tests and working in groups, Rasmussen said, students' scores are higher.

"I find they're more creative if I'm not standing over them," she said.

Math teachers at Brighton Middle also have a reason to celebrate.

"We wouldn't be teaching anything other than math and number two, our kids want to do good for us," said math teacher Rosemary Boswell.

And do good they have. Students' math scores were so high, they earned a number one rating in math.

"That's my number one goal is to make it easy. I want them to get a sense of confidence in doing math," Boswell said.

Teachers said it is that level of confidence that continues to help students learn.

This is the first year Munford High has scored above average in every category tested in the ACT.  And this is the second year in a row Brighton Middle has been ranked first in the state in math scores.

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