Deer rampages through Cordova woman's home

Kelly Miller points to damage on her floor caused by a deer that rampaged through her home Wednesday.
Kelly Miller points to damage on her floor caused by a deer that rampaged through her home Wednesday.

CORDOVA, TN (WMC-TV) - Cordova resident Kelly Miller was shocked to hear a strange noise in her house while taking a shower Wednesday morning.

"It sounded like the ceiling was falling in on me," she said.

Fearing a burglar, Miller loudly called out.  When nobody answered, she decided escape was her only option.

"I hit all the panic buttons," she said.

After quickly throwing on a robe, Miller jumped out her bathroom's window, through thorn bushes, across her yard, and into a neighbor's garage.

"In an open robe, yeah," she said. "It was not a good situation.  A lunatic - somebody who's escaped a hospital - that's what they would have been thinking, probably."

Police were quickly dispatched to Miller's home, and quickly found a crime scene that was anything but normal.

"CSI was out, and they were doing the blood work to see if it was an animal or a human, and a little lady walked up," Miller said.

The lady - Miller's neighbor - said she saw a male deer her front yard.

"It was a relief," Miller said. You're like, whatever, I'm safe...this is funny."

A relief, because initially investigators could not explain why there was blood all over Miller's house, the floor was scratched up, and window in her front door had been shattered.  But it soon became clear: the deer had rampaged through Miller's home.

"They're like 'Yeah, it's rutting season, and this is the time of year the men just aren't real smart, so they'll do whatever they have to do to find a female,'" Miller said.

Police investigators believe the deer entered Miller's home through her front door, shattering the door's glass in the process.  He then likely saw his reflection in the mirror, thought it was another deer, and attempted to fight it.

Miller said the incident taught her one important lesson:

"Don't have a husband who hunts, and has things that would allure a buck in the garage," she said.

Miller was proud of how she handled the sticky situation.

No one has seen or heard from the deer since.

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