Gender bender's victims explain how they were fooled

Allasondra Sillanogarry
Allasondra Sillanogarry

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - She tricked police into thinking she was a man. Now, Mid-South victims are talking about how a woman them out of their information.

Antonio Silliano, sometimes known as Carlos Hernandez, is a woman who was posing as a man. But according to Memphis scam victims, her knack for deception goes much farther.

Tasha Phillips was one of dozens of Memphians who answered an internet ad for a window washing job that was supposed to pay $21 an hour.   
"I was like wow, that's a lot of money," Phillips said.

But the search for work led Phillips, her sister, and a friend to an elaborate scam. The person behind the job listing was Antonio Silliano.

"He called me the next day later in the evening, but by the time my sister came back she had already figured out something wasn't right," Phillips said.
Those instincts were right. Silliano has become well known in at least four other states for allegedly listing phony jobs, collecting cash, and stealing personal information.

Victims said Silliano was setting up appointments for job interviews in this East Memphis office building in a space she was leasing. The landlord said she skipped out on her rent.

Adding to the deception, when Silliano was arrested in Memphis last week, it was revealed that he was really a she named Allasondra Sillanogarry.

Phillips' sister is out $69 for a phony background check, but Tasha saved money and skipped her phony job interview.

"I never got that far. I thank the Lord. My sister said don't go yet, I'm not sure if this is real and I've already been," Phillips said
Phillips said since Silliongarry's arrest, she has met three more victims who applied for that same window washing job and gave Sillongarry money for a phony background check.

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