Knicks Blowout Grizzlies/New York Record Night Beyond Arc

After completing their longest Road Trip of the Year with a 1-and-3 mark, the Memphis Grizzlies want to find out if it's really true..."There's No Place Like Home!"

The Grizzlies welcome the resurgent New York Knicks into FedExForum...

The Grizz, though, are showing plenty of positive signs themselves..

And they do early on in this one..

Marc Gasol finds Darrell Arthur back door as Memphis led after one.

Rudy Gay finds O.J. Mayo for 3...

He scored 30 or more in his last 2 nights on the road..

The Home Hoop not quite as Friendly, just netting 17-tonight..

Rudy Gay the High Scorer for the Grizz with 20, throwing down a pair on the Alley Oop off the Steal from Kyle Lowry..

Marc Gasol a great First Quarter 10p points. Winds up with 16 points, 4-boards and a block.

Color this one all Blue and Orange for the Knicks though..

It's a shooting gallery for Nate Robinson.. 8-for-8 with 21-points.

Wilson Chandler misses only 1 of 12.. He has 27.

The Knicks set a Franchise Record with 19-3 pointers.

Momma said there'd be nights like this..

Final Score..Knicks in a Blowout 132-to-103.

The Grizzlies play the second of a 3-game Home Stretch Friday night against Milwaukee at FedExForum.