Shelby County man killed by stray bullet

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The Shelby County Sheriff's department charged two teenagers  Thursday night with first degree murder.

It is the tragic story of revenge that ended up in the death of the wrong man, who was minding his own business.

Shelby County Sheriff's investigators said Kenneth Spencer and Kwane Morris, Jr. went to the Pinnacle Point subdivision in Southeast Shelby County intent on shooting a man they had been having an on-going dispute with.

"I heard a sound like it may have been a gunshot..but I had just brought my daughter to work," neighbor Robert Rayford said.

Investigators said Robert Rayford heard a shot from Spencer's gun. They said he was shooting at several men in a parked car, but the bullets hit the wrong man.

John Anthony Baker died from a bullet wound to his head. He was sitting in his dining room using a laptop computer.

"The sad part about this is that Mr. Baker was not a target. His son was not involved. No one in that house was connected. Here again another one of those sad stories we hear with deadly consequences," Steve Shular of the Shelby County Sheriff's Department said.

Baker's son discovered his father's body still in his dining room chair. Baker was a husband and father of three. He was also the sergeant of security at Methodist Healthcare South.

Investigators discovered shell casings in a side yard near Baker's house. Two of the bullets hit Baker's car and a telephone cable box.

Both suspects are behind bars.

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