Police in Bartlett continue to investigate woman's mysterious murder

BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - Nearly three weeks after she was found murdered, police in Bartlett continue to investigate the death of Tina Caronna.

Captain Tina Schaber heads up the Bartlett Police Department's investigative services unit, a team now consumed with a murder case nearly three weeks old.

"No, it is not a cold case," she said. "It's still very much an active, open investigation."

Caronna was last seen on October 25, driving her truck near her Cordova home.  The next day, Memphis police issued a CityWatch alert for Caronna.

On Monday the 27th, Bartlett Police found her car on Brannick Drive.  To the surprise of neighbors, her body was found in her car.

No one's been arrested or charged, but Schaber says her department is working tirelessly.

"I have two detectives that are assigned to that case full time with basically the rest of the detectives in this office at their discretion," she said.

Schaber said investigators sent evidence to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations for testing. Detectives are still awaiting results.

"Some tests just take some time," Schaber said. "There are leads we're tracking down, people that we're talking to. Again it takes some time."

Sometimes, she added, the wheels of justice turn slowly.

Bartlett police are still asking the public for tips to help solve Caronna's murder. If you have information you feel could aid police, call Bartlett Crime Stoppers at 901-382-MONEY.

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