Shelby County deputies break up burglary ring

A burglary ring that stretched across two states was broken up by Shelby County Deputies on Friday.

Two suspects are now in police custody, but have not been charged. The pair allegedly burglarized dozens of homes in Shelby and DeSoto counties.

Shelby County resident Rebecca Key was one of their victims.

"This is my home. This is my safe haven. They come in here and basically raped my home...that hurts."

The suspects kicked in Key's back door and stole a flat screen television, credit cards and jewelry.

"Oh, it broke my heart," she said. "It's my things...the things I've accumulated over the years - things that I love."
But Key is likely the duo's last victim.
Undercover deputies on patrol finally cornered the suspects in a Walgreens parking lot at Riverdale and Holmes Road. They recovered stolen property at the scene.
"Here I am believing in people and the good in people, and somebody does this to me," said Key.
But she says she feels lucky to have her belongings back.
And while Keys says she's trying her hardest to put the incident behind her, she knows she'll have to remain on guard.

"I don't know how safe I'm going to feel for a long time."

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