4-year-old boy starved to death

A 4-year-old Mississippi boy is dead and his grandmother and aunt are behind bars after authorities say they starved the child to death.

The boy was dicovered dead in his home last Sunday when deputies in Scott County, just east of Jackson, responded to a call about an unresponsive child.

An autopsy revealed the child died from starvation. He weighed just 19 lbs.

"It looked like just skin over bones," said Joe Bradford, Scott County Coroner. "It was just a terrible sight. Over my years as a coroner, I have seen nothing like it."

The child, whose 26-year-old father is in jail, had been taken from his mother about a year ago because of her drug abuse problem. He was handed over to his aunt, 23-year-old Stephanie Bell, and his grandmother, 43-year-old Janice Mowdy.

Bell and Mowdy are both charged with murder and child abuse.

The Scott County sheriff said they didn't show remorse for the crime.

There were other children in the home, all of whom were in good health.

The sheriff is now threatening to arrest anyone who knew of the child's condition and didn't report it.

Both suspects are being held in Scott County without bond.

(Information from NBC News).