Young singer perseveres years after horrible accident

MILLINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - In 2003, Johnny Quinn blew out the candles on his 4th birthday cake.   Later that year, a candle would change his life forever.

A candle was what started a fire in the shed behind the Quinn's home.   When young Johnny was pulled from the flames, more than 90 percent of his body was badly burned.

He would spend the next 7 months in the Shriner's Burn Center in Galveston Texas.

Five years and dozens of surgeries later, Johnny Quinn is a courageous 9-year- old with remarkable talents beyond his years.

Despite losing his fingers in the fire, he draws cartoon characters with ease - some from memory, and other from his own imagination.

More recently, Johnny's parents discovered he has another talent: he loves to sing.

It's an inherited trait.  His father, Allan Quinn, has been performing gospel music for 34 years.  Johnny used to watch in the wings while his father, sister, and brother performed in front of an audience.  No one knew that he was practicing on his own.

"One evening Joanna and I were rehearsing to go, and he said, "Can I sing a song too?'" Allan Quinn said.
Now, when the Quinn family takes the stage Johnny shares the spotlight.

"He is somewhat conscientious about how he looks, but he overcomes it," Johnny's father said.

Numerous surgeries that would allow Johnny to close his mouth have been unsuccessful.  
"He can actually speak without putting his lips together, and then sing on top of that," Allan Quinn said.

Despite the unexpected tragedy that nearly took his life, Johnny Quinn perseveres, with the love and support of his musical family.

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