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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Cordova teen pleads guilty to vehicular homicide

Brittney Petty Brittney Petty

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Still wrapped in her winter coat, Brittney Petty sat inside a Memphis court room early Thursday morning. 

Moments later, the Cordova teenager pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular homicide.  Two of Petty's friends were killed last year when she crashed her car after drinking and driving.

Connie Wilson's son, Mark Obert, was one of them.

"I feel like there are too many young lives lost when drinking and driving speed is involved," Wilson said.

Obert, 19, was in the car with Petty when she crashed on Germantown Parkway. 

"We need to sometimes make people responsible for their actions, especially when you lose two lives of two young men who had outstanding futures in front of them,"

Steven Bares lost his son Kylen, 22, who was in another car following Petty.

"This has been a long and challenging road for both families," he said.

Petty's lawyer asked the to judge to consider diversion or some other alternate sentence besides jail time.  But that won't satisfy Connie Wilson.

"She hasn't spoken to any of us," Wilson said. "We don't know what her feelings are. We feel she's not remorseful and doesn't take responsibility."

Whatever happens to Petty will be a small consolation to two grieving families. 

"Nothing that happens by the judge is going to bring those two children back," Bares said.

Petty faces three to six years on each vehicular homicide count, and two to four years for reckless aggravated assault. She'll be sentenced December 10th.

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