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Reported by Ben Watson

Local church offers money-back guarantee

CORDOVA, TN (WMC-TV) - The economic crisis is taking a toll on offering plates at Heartsong Church in Cordova.

"Our offering since, since September seventh, has been down twenty percent," Pastor Steve Stone said Thursday.

In an attempt to encourage more donations into the offering plate, Stone offered members a money back guarantee if they gave 10 percent of their income for three months straight.

"If at the end of that three months, you don't feel like you been blessed more than you gave, then we'll give you the money back," Stone said.

Stone added that the offer has been motivating for the more than 500 members who meet every Sunday.

"My money has always added up," church member and restaurant worker Debbie Ainsworth said. "The bills have been paid, I've always had more than enough."

Ainsworth said tithing has been a blessing from the day she started.
"One of the greatest blessings I get from giving - people tell me they get from giving - is just feeling good that you've done it," she said.

So far, Stone said, no church member has asked for their money back.

"We've never given anybody money back," he said. "Nobody has ever asked for it!"

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