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Reported by Jason Miles

Teen goes "golfing" on suspected burglar's head

A suspected burglar's blood marks the spot where he was beaten outside the window through which he tried to sneak late Wednesday night.

15 year-old Terrence Jones happened to be on the other side of the window.  He grabbed a golf club and went outside.  He was determined to keep the burglar at bay.

"He kept saying "don't hit me," recalls Jones.  "But I kept hitting him 'cause he was trying to break into our house," he adds.

Willie Shye was on the receiving end of that beating.  He was treated at The MED before going to jail.  According to his arrest report, Shye's buddy told police his friend had been robbed.  They didn't buy it and charged Shye with Aggravated Burglary.

"I hope he get locked up for a long time," says Terrence Jones.

This 15 year-old's family is thankful his instincts "kicked in."  

His little brother feels safer having him around, as does his mother.

"He was brave," says Tamika Jones.  "And I'm just happy he was awake to catch him trying to come in," she adds.

Police don't always encourage fighting back.  But apparently they believe this Hamilton High student did the right thing.

"Told me to keep the good work up," recalls Jones.

Willie Shye is scheduled to be in court Friday morning.  He's been arrested for burglary at least 10 times before.  His record dates back to the early 1980's.

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