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Reported by Janice Broach

Tamara Mitchell Ford speaks out about Connie Matthews new job

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Tamara Mitchell Ford has never been one to hold back. Mitchell Ford, who seems focused and healthy, talked about Connie Matthews and showed letters sent to her by John Ford.

You might say Connie Matthews, long time companion to John Ford and the mother of two of his children, is the arch nemesis of Tamara Mitchell Ford, John Ford's ex wife.

In 2001 Mitchell Ford ran her Jaguar into the Collierville home Matthews shared with John Ford. When Mitchell Ford got word that Mayor Willie Herenton hand-picked Matthews for a job at the Central library, she had a lot to say.

"Suffice it to say, she's employed and I definitely find it a slap in the face to hard working people," Mitchell Ford said.

Mitchell Ford, talking with Action News 5 at the Shelby County Correction  Center, could not help making fun of Matthews who misspelled words and made grammatical mistakes on her application for the $28,000 job of assistant library cataloger.

"I'm educated. I can write and spell," Mitchell Ford said.

Mitchell Ford even wrote a letter to the editor of the Commercial Appeal saying, "Shame on the mayor. She went on to say, "Congratulations to all who do not lower their morals, values and principles to gain employment. It's called respect for yourself."

Tamara Mitchell Ford showed off the letters she received from John Ford while he was on trial in Nashville.  They are letters of encouragement telling her to be strong for the couple's four children who are living in South Carolina with Mitchell Ford's family. He warned her to watch out for evil doers. Ford also apologized to Mitchell Ford for the way he treated her.

She said she will visit him in prison when she gets out.

"I intend to visit him especially and to ask about the pension," Mitchell Ford said.

Pension she said Ford gave to Connie Matthews. 

Tamara Mitchell Ford is scheduled to get out of  the Shelby County Correction Center in April.

John Ford has a new home. He has left Louisiana and is now in the federal prison camp in Oklahoma City.

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